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Eduard Seiler Pianos - Seiler Response to Market Needs

Eduard Seiler, also known as Ed. Seiler, represents a mid-range class of pianos, entirely produced in Indonesia according to German guidelines and standards. The pianos of this brand hit the market in 2011, responding to the demand for pianos across various price ranges. They combine German precision and quality with affordable prices.

SMR and Lead-Free Keyboard

In 2018, Seiler revolutionized the piano world by introducing the innovative SMR (Super Magnetic Repetition Action) technology in models ED-126 and ED-132. The SMR technology uses two repelling magnets in the conventional piano mechanism, allowing the jack to return under the hammer more quickly, enabling much faster note repetition. This is particularly important for pianists looking for an instrument with high responsiveness and precise control over each key press. Additionally, this technology does not wear out and requires no maintenance, which is a significant advantage for the long-term use of the instrument.

Besides, Seiler introduced a patented lead-free keyboard, replacing the traditional lead weights of the keys with high-density synthetic material. This innovative way of balancing the keys involves removing the weight from the plastic, ensuring the perfect balance and weight of each key. Switching to a lead-free keyboard has significant environmental and health benefits - it eliminates the risk associated with toxic lead, prevents lead deposits on the keys, and avoids problems with cracking and weakened keys that may occur due to drilling. This ecological and safe alternative contributes to the durability and reliability of the instrument while protecting the health of its users.

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