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History of the Wendl & Lung Brand

The piano brand Wendl & Lung emerged on the musical scene of Austria. Its origins date back to the early 20th century when Stefan Lung, a renowned Viennese craftsman, realized his love for music and sound perfection. His wife and Johann Wendl supported him in this endeavor, reflected in the name of their pianos. A remarkable figure in the brand’s history is the founder’s daughter, Stefanie Lung-Veletzky. Following in the footsteps of Nannette Streicher from the 19th century, she became the first woman in Austria to earn the title of master piano builder. Under her guidance, Wendl & Lung continuously evolved, enriching the musical world with pianos that blend tradition with modernity. The Lung family was involved in piano production until 1999. Today, the brand continues its operations with equal dedication, being part of the Viennese company Feurich Pianoforte Wendl & Lung GmbH. Modern Wendl & Lung pianos are manufactured in China, maintaining a rich tradition and high-quality craftsmanship.

Characteristics of Wendl & Lung Pianos

Wendl & Lung pianos represent a deep connection to the European heritage of musical craftsmanship. Each piano from this brand features a rich yet delicate sound, a result of meticulous work by European specialists in its design and production. Compared to modern Yamaha pianos, Wendl & Lung instruments offer a more subtle and refined sound, providing unique musical experiences. The brand focuses on achieving the fullest, warmest, and most enduring sound while refining the characteristic Viennese sound ideal. It is this uniqueness that earns Wendl & Lung pianos acclaim among musicians worldwide, seeking not only technical excellence but also emotional depth in sound.

Wendl & Lung 122 Universal Upright Piano

The Wendl & Lung 122 Universal upright piano is an exceptional instrument that harmoniously combines craftsmanship and innovation, being a pride of the Wendl & Lung brand. With a height of 122 cm, it is perfectly suited for various spaces, from private homes to educational music rooms. The keyboard of the 122 Universal piano is designed for comfort and precision, crucial for pianists at different skill levels. The keyboard mechanism responds sensitively to touch, enabling refined musical expression. The Wendl & Lung 122 Universal piano received the prestigious "Diapason d’or" award in Paris in 2007, confirming its exceptional quality and recognized sound. It is an ideal choice for those seeking a high-quality instrument that is both accessible and versatile. Perfect for education, daily practice, and as the center of home musical entertainment, providing consistent joy in playing music for years.

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