Used, C. Bechstein, 9 (IV) 122

Selling price:
2,975.00 £
C. Bechstein
9 (IV) 122
New / Used
Acoustic / Digital
Technical details
150 cm
59 cm
122 cm
No. of pedals
No. of Keys
Additional information
Wood (Transparent Lacquer)
Gloss level
Satin (medium gloss)
Natural piano key tops
A Bechstein Model IV Upright. Original Keys restored, casework repolished, action overhauled.

The piano described is a C. Bechstein Model IV Upright, a used acoustic instrument renowned for its quality and craftsmanship. It has dimensions of 150 cm in width, 59 cm in length, and stands at a height of 122 cm. This model is equipped with 85 keys and 2 pedals, slightly less than the standard 88 keys found on most modern pianos, which suggests a design focused on a specific range of sound and performance versatility.

The piano is finished in a wood color, covered with a transparent lacquer that emphasizes the natural beauty of the wood grain. The gloss level is described as satin, offering a medium gloss finish that strikes a balance between a high shine and a matte look. This finish not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the piano but also provides a level of protection to the wood.

Notably, the original keys of this piano have been restored, indicating a commitment to preserving its authentic sound and touch. The casework has been repolished, revitalizing its appearance and showcasing the craftsmanship that Bechstein pianos are known for. Additionally, the action of the piano has been overhauled, ensuring that each key press is met with the precise response and sound quality expected from a Bechstein instrument.

This piano does not feature natural piano key tops, which suggests that alternative materials were used in the restoration process to maintain or enhance the keyboard's durability and touch response.

Overall, this Bechstein Model IV Upright piano represents a blend of traditional craftsmanship and careful restoration, offering both visual and auditory elegance. Its specific attributes, including the satin finish and restored components, make it a unique and appealing choice for musicians and collectors alike.
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United Kingdom
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Contact Person: Jack Ingles
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