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Used, C. Bechstein, A 114
Year: 2009 Height: 114 cm
Country: GermanyCity: Munchen
Professional seller/ Verified seller

C. Bechstein - Upright Pianos from the Berlin Factory

If you’re considering buying a German C. Bechstein piano, it’s worth knowing what makes them such exceptional instruments. What should you pay attention to when visiting a store offering C. Bechstein instruments? We recommend visiting authorized dealers of this brand, who have excellent technical knowledge of these instruments. They get to know them during servicing, tuning, adjustment, intonation, and repairs.

One of the secrets to the outstanding quality of the C. Bechstein brand is the time spent on adjusting the mechanism in the factory before the piano reaches its final owner. The brand has been produced in the Berlin factory since 1853. Bechstein pianos and grand pianos not only impress with their external appearance, thanks to the vast range of available instrument cabinet finishes but also with their incredible sound, which beautifully complements homes, apartments, and institutions, primarily in Germany, but not exclusively, as the factory has representatives in many other countries. C. Bechstein definitely belongs to the premium level when it comes to piano and grand piano manufacturers on a global scale.

Considering the Purchase of a New C. Bechstein Upright Piano?

Firstly, you should consider whether you want a new C. Bechstein upright piano, which the manufacturer offers. For example, the A 114 model, a compact-looking upright piano but with a powerful sound. C. Bechstein A 114 may be perfect for someone starting to learn to play the piano. In the market, you can also find slightly taller C. Bechstein upright pianos, such as the Contur 118. Another of the models currently produced by the factory is the A 124, recommended for more advanced piano enthusiasts. C. Bechstein A 124 has a very pleasant sound, which, combined with more advanced techniques, offers greater possibilities for the pianist.

C. Bechstein Concert 8

Among the C. Bechstein upright pianos, the highest and most well-known is the Concert 8, which stands at 131 cm in height and is already a concert piano. It delivers a unique and powerful tone and is recommended for advanced pianists who will extract a full range of beautiful sounds from it in domestic settings, provided they have sufficient space for it.

When choosing a piano from this brand, it’s worth considering the space it will occupy as a piece of furniture. Various finishes are available, including glossy black, matte black, glossy white, and wood finishes such as mahogany or walnut, which the manufacturer offers in their new lineup. Without a doubt, a new C. Bechstein upright piano in your home will play and look flawlessly and will be a source of pride during all family gatherings. Of course, all pianos from this factory can also be found as used instruments, and depending on the attractiveness of the offer, it’s worth considering their purchase if your budget is lower than the cost of a new Bechstein piano.

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