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Maybe you have a Howard piano and don’t know much about this brand? Are you wondering who makes Howard pianos? Or if they’re good, valuable instruments? We will try to answer these and other questions in this article.

We will start with the short history of Howard pianos. The Howard brand covers the entire range of keyboard instruments in various sizes produced by the Baldwin factory since 1895. Howard Piano Company was founded in Cincinnatti, Ohio, as a branch of Baldwin. These were both upright pianos, spinets, grand pianos and so-called home organs introduced in the late 1950s (1959). They also produced Manualo, a self-playing piano, and coin-operated pianos. Hence, there is a certain difficulty in accurately describing the models and categorizing these instruments. We know for sure that since the founding of the company, for many years Howard instruments were produced in America (up to the 60’s). Then, in the 70’s and 80’s, the Japanese factory Kawai, and later the Korean manufacturer Samick, manufactured the instruments. Currently, all Baldwin production takes place in China.

Howard pianos are considered to be very durable instruments from the second Baldwin line. However, they are not necessarily top tier pianos. They are rather budget instruments, designed for students and amateurs. This is a more accessible option for those who could not afford a Baldwin instrument. They are often found in homes and schools, just like another Baldwin brand - Hamilton. This does not change the fact that after many years of use they are still usually in very good condition.

They are made with the greatest attention to detail. They have double veneer and are durable therefore suitable for schools and institutions.

Below are a few examples of popular Howard models:

  • Spinet Howard - 36” – 91 cm
  • Howard Style Console 413 – 3’ 7’’ – 109cm

Upright pianos:

  • Howard Style 401 – 4’10” upright piano – 147 cm
  • Howard C – 4’8” upright piano – 142 cm
  • Howard Style 409 – 4’6” upright piano – 137 cm
  • Howard Style 412 – 4’3” studio upright piano – 130 cm
  • Howard Manualo style 477 - 4’6” – 137 cm
  • Howard Style 487 – coin-operated upright piano – 4’6” – 137 cm
  • Hamilton organs 21 / 26 – 81,5” – 207 cm
  • Hamilton organs 22 – 50” – 127 cm
  • Hamilton organs 29 – 52,5” – 133 cm

This is only a part of the Howard instruments that were produced over the years. To check how much a Howard upright piano or Howard grand piano is worth, please visit our Klaviano search engine. You can also put your Howard piano on sale!

If you are wondering when your Howard upright piano or Howard grand piano was produced, the serial number you will find inside the instrument (e.g. on the frame) will help.

HOWARD by Baldwin - serial numbers

  • 1900-9000 1922-145000 1935-251800 1950-443258
  • 1905-31000 1923-154000 1936-260000 1951-468177
  • 1910-57000 1924-162000 1940-300000 1960-496180
  • 1915-83000 1925-172000 1948-402000 1965-825030
  • 1920-12700 1930-217000 1949-431000 1968-106212

A different numbering is used for Howard instruments produced by Kawai, Samick, and those from later years. It is best to ask the manufacturer about the year of production

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