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Used, August Forster, 125 G
Year: 2006 Height: 125 cm
Country: GermanyCity: Aichstetten
Professional seller/ Verified seller
Used, August Forster, 110
Height: 110 cm
Country: GermanyCity: Berlin
Professional seller/ Verified seller
Used, August Forster, 128
Year: 1913 Height: 128 cm
Country: GermanyCity: Jena
Professional seller/ Verified seller
Used, August Forster, 116 D
Year: 1970 Height: 116 cm
Country: NetherlandsCity: Veenendaal
Professional seller/ Verified seller

August Förster Upright Pianos - Tradition and Musical Excellence

The August Förster brand has its roots in the German town of Löbau, where August Förster founded his first piano workshop in 1859. From the beginning, the company focused on producing upright pianos with outstanding sound and precise craftsmanship, which quickly gained recognition in the music industry. Today, after five generations, the company remains in the hands of the Förster family, continuing the tradition of crafting high-quality upright pianos.

August Förster vs. Förster

Contrary to appearances and a similar name, these are two completely separate brands. Upright pianos of the August Förster brand were created in Germany by the aforementioned August Förster. In contrast, upright pianos of the Förster brand are instruments produced since 1900 in the Czech Republic by Cezar Förster, the son of August Förster. The Förster brand disappeared from the market in 1960.

Why Choose an August Förster Upright Piano

Choosing an August Förster upright piano means opting for excellent sound, precision craftsmanship, and a long-standing tradition. Each instrument is handmade with the utmost attention to detail, resulting in exceptional sound quality and piano durability. The brand is renowned for using traditional production techniques passed down from generation to generation. Each August Förster upright piano consists of over 12,000 individual parts made and assembled with extraordinary precision. The specially dried and shaped soundboard is crafted from fine-grained mountain spruce to ensure the best possible sound and resonance across all registers. The piano frame is made of a special iron alloy for optimal string tension absorption. As a result, pianos of this brand are characterized by warm, harmonious sound and expansive tonal qualities.

Selected August Förster Upright Piano Models

  • 116 D is a compact upright piano with a height of only 116 cm, known for its exceptional dynamics and purity of sound.
  • 125 G, with a height of 125 cm, is perfect for medium-sized rooms, offering a wide range of musical expression.
  • 134 K is an impressive concert upright piano with a height of 134 cm, featuring a deep and powerful bass and excellent sound projection.

The August Förster piano brand is synonymous with exceptional sound quality, artisanal tradition, and musical excellence. Its instruments continue the Förster family legacy, bringing extraordinary sound to the global music scene and captivating anyone who appreciates the beauty of music.

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