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Pianos Pleyel - Elegance and the Tradition of Mastery

Pleyel is a French symbol of excellence in the field of keyboard instruments. The history of this renowned brand is an extraordinary journey spanning many years, filled with unique achievements and musical innovations. The history of the Pleyel brand began in 1807 in Paris, thanks to Camille Pleyel. From the very beginning, the company gained recognition for the quality, meticulous craftsmanship, and distinctive sound of its upright pianos. In a short time, Pleyel became one of the leading piano manufacturers in Europe, standing out not only for its sound quality but also for its technological innovations.

Collaboration with Frédéric Chopin

One of the key elements in the history of the Pleyel brand is its close collaboration with the eminent composer Frédéric Chopin. Chopin not only frequently chose Pleyel pianos for his concerts and compositions but also actively participated in the process of perfecting their designs. This fruitful collaboration resulted in the creation of unique instruments that perfectly conveyed the emotions and musical experiences Chopin aimed to achieve.

Present and Awards

Although the Pleyel brand has gone through various periods of transformation and challenges, its legacy still lives on in the hearts of music enthusiasts and piano lovers. Over the years, the company has earned numerous prestigious awards and accolades, affirming its significant role on the global music scene. In the 1960s, Pleyel joined forces with the Gaveau-Érard brands, and in the following decade, the Schimmel factory became the owner of all three collaborating brands. Are you interested in the history of Pleyel? You can learn more details about its history and current activities from our article - Review of the Pleyel Brand.

Selected Models of Pleyel Upright Pianos

  • Pleyel Monceau (102) - a compact upright piano with a height of just 102 cm. It offers excellent sound and refined craftsmanship quality. It is ideal for young pianists and situations where space is limited for the instrument.
  • Pleyel model Academie (113) - a medium-height upright piano that provides a good balance between sound and compact size. This model is suitable for both beginners and more advanced pianists.
  • Pleyel Espirit (115) - slightly taller than the Academie model (115 cm), which can result in better resonance and louder sound. This model is designed for those with higher musical demands, offering excellent sound quality.
  • Pleyel Romantica (120) - an upright piano with a height of 120 cm, allowing for fuller and richer sound. It is an instrument created for advanced pianists seeking exceptional craftsmanship. It features an ornate casing in an old, romantic style. For enthusiasts of a more classic and simple design, we recommend the Bascule (120) model.

Currently Produced Models of Pleyel Upright Pianos

  • Piano P124 - a model with a height of 124 cm, making it a suitable choice for both beginners and advanced musicians. It is available in various finishes, allowing you to choose the style and color that suits you.
  • Piano P131 - a model with a height of 131 cm. It is a concert piano due to its size and construction quality, sounding very similar to a small grand piano. It has a powerful bass section and bright mid-range and delicate high tones.

Both historical models and currently produced Pleyel upright pianos are evidence of the brand’s unwavering commitment to sound quality and unique tonal characteristics. Each of these models continues the tradition and passion that the Pleyel company dedicates to creating exceptional pianos.

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