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Country: ItalyCity: Camponogara
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New, Kurzweil
Country: ItalyCity: Camponogara
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Kurzweil Music Systems Company founded in 1982 by Raymond Kurzweil (inventor, scientist, IT specialist), Stevie Wonder (musician) and Bruce Cichowlas (softeware developer). Interestingly, the cooperation began with the acquaintance of Kurzweil and Wonder, who together perfected the design of a machine that read printed text for blind people. Stevie Wonder was one of the first clients who tested this machine. Gradually, they became friends with Kurzweil and Stevie Wonder shared his thoughts on electronic and acoustic instruments with Ray. One of Stevie’s dreams was to transfer the deep sound of an acoustic piano to a digital piano. He believed that digital synthesizers are a great studio tool for recording and give the possibility to later computer process the recordings, but their sound is far too flat. So we can say that the goal of the founders of the Kurzweil brand was to create modern high quality digital pianos that would electronically generate a full and deep sound of the piano and other acoustic instruments. Thus, the company’s offer does not include acoustic instruments.

It is worth mentioning that Raymond Kurzweil is one of the leading inventors and entrepreneurs of our time and one of the most influential people in the world. He grew up in an artistic environment because his father was a musician and composer. No wonder that such a versatile scientist and his team soon achieved success in the music market.

The first model of digital pianos presented by Kurzweil Music Systems was the Kurzweil K250 synthesizer. It had a fully weighted keyboard (88 keys) and used samples of numerous classical instruments and other electronically generated sounds. A prototype of this instrument was produced for Stevi Wonder. It was a unique piece of equipment that had potentiometers and Braille buttons to facilitate use. Afterwards, a few more changed models were put into Wonder’s hands for testing. Kurzweil K250 was introduced to a wider audience starting with the NAMM Show in 1984 - this model was enthusiastically received and quickly gained recognition from musicians. The greatest achievement was a very reliable concert piano sound reproduction.

Kurzweil digital pianos are valued by pianists and musicians not only for their unique sound, but also for their balanced, sensitive keyboard, which is similar in play to that of a classical instrument. Various models are also designed to combine the sounds as intuitively and seamlessly as possible, and the intensity of each sound. The music can of course be saved and modified in appropriate programs.

In 1990 Kurzweil Music Systems was bought by the Korean brand Young Chang, which became part of Hyundai Development Company in 2006. Raymond Kurzweil was chosen as advisor and director of strategy.

Kurzweil Upright Piano Models

We offer a wide range of digital upright pianos, and several models of Kurzweil digital grand pianos.

CUP/Andante Upright Pianos - digital pianos with numerous sounds reflecting the sound of a classical piano, with a wide sound and many additional functions

MP and MPS Upright Pianos – The MP is mainly intended for home use by hobbyists, but also composers and musicians. Whereas Kurzweil MPS are portable instruments, considered as home and stage pianos, with great sound quality.

Kurzweil Upright Pianos of the KA and KP series - offer a wide range of sounds, suitable for stage performances and are portable pianos.

Kurzweil Grand Pianos

KAG Kurzweil baby grand pianos, MPG larger pianos mainly for home use, but with loud sound, CGP (high quality stage pianos, wooden keyboard)

This is just an overview and outline of what Kurzweil pianos have to offer - we encourage you to explore the topic on specialized websites dealing with digital instruments, as Klaviano is a portal dealing primarily with acoustic pianos. It is worth looking for opinions on Kurzweil instruments or comparisons with other brands such as Kurzweil vs Yamaha pianos.

If you are interested in a Kurzweil piano for sale, please check our search engine or contact Klaviano’s assistant.

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