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New, Wilh. Steinberg, S-117
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Height: 116 cm
Country: GermanyCity: Riemerling
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Wilh. Steinberg Exceptional Pianos with Tradition

The Wilh. Steinberg brand is highly regarded among piano enthusiasts worldwide, thanks to its long and respected history. The company was founded in 1877 in Dresden, Germany, by Wilhelm Steinberg, who dedicated himself to the passion and commitment of creating exceptional musical instruments. Over time, the company gained a reputation for its precision, attention to detail, and excellent piano sound.

Today, Wilh. Steinberg continues to uphold its legacy in producing top-quality pianos. Despite the passage of years, it strives to harmoniously blend innovative technologies with traditional craftsmanship to deliver instruments that meet the expectations of contemporary musicians. Wilh. Steinberg pianos are still manufactured in Germany, in the renowned factory in Dresden, continuing the long tradition of producing high-class pianos there. It’s a place where experienced craftsmen strive to maintain excellent sound and precise intonation, which are the hallmarks of this brand’s pianos.

Why Choose a Wilh. Steinberg Piano?

Wilh. Steinberg boasts over a century of tradition, underscoring its reliability and prestige. Many renowned pianists over the years have chosen pianos from this brand. This brand seamlessly combines traditional manufacturing techniques with modern innovations, resulting in a harmonious blend of heritage and progress. Wilh. Steinberg pianos stand out with their exceptional sound, which is the result of precise material selection and a meticulous construction process. These pianos are capable of conveying deep musical emotions. The rich range of models from this brand allows musicians to find a piano that perfectly suits their personal needs and preferences, making sure everyone finds an instrument that perfectly matches their requirements.

Which Wilh. Steinberg Upright Piano to Choose?

The Wilh. Steinberg brand, beloved by piano enthusiasts worldwide, presents its impressive Performance Line Uprights series. Pianos from this line are distinguished not only by their excellent sound but also by their elegant design and precise craftsmanship. The P-118 model is an excellent choice for those who value a compact form without compromising on sound quality. The P-121 piano offers an even richer sound while maintaining playing comfort and convenience. Meanwhile, the P-125 is the flagship model of the Performance Line, characterized by extraordinary sound quality and refined style.

Wilh. Steinberg also caters to enthusiasts of luxury pianos with its Signature Line Uprights series. This line includes the S-117, S-125, and S-130 models. S-117 is a piano that combines excellent sound with minimalist design, creating a harmonious whole. The S-125 model is a true gem among pianos, distinguished by its rich sound and precision in craftsmanship. Meanwhile, S-130 is a piano for demanding music lovers that not only impresses with its excellent sound but also with its refined appearance. Regardless of your choice, Wilh. Steinberg pianos in the Performance Line Uprights and Signature Line Uprights series deliver excellent musical experiences and meet the highest expectations of pianists.

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