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The history of this German-sounding name has its origins not in Europe, but in the United States. It was in America, Illinois, that the Schumann Piano Company was founded in 1847. It is difficult to find precise information about the company’s beginnings, but we know that in the 1980s Willard N. Van Matre became its president, who significantly influenced the development and success of the brand. Schumann’s high quality instruments were quickly appreciated, and the period of splendour dates back to the early 20th century. The instruments produced under the Schumann name were primarily upright pianos in various sizes, player pianos, as well as small grand pianos. As in most cases, the company was doing well until the Great Depression, after which it was sold to Estey Piano Company and then to Kimball.

Today, Schumann upright and grand pianos are still produced - since 1984 the brand has been owned by the Chinese factory Nanjing Moutrie - which since 1956 has been making Moutrie grand pianos, originally from England. It is quite common that the production of European or American brand upright and grand pianos is being moved to Asia. For this reason, in the 21st century it is not enough to look at the name of the instrument alone to guess where it comes from or where it was produced. One brand can be produced in completely different factories over the years. There is no doubt that the transfer to Eastern countries is mainly due to the costs - producing an upright or grand piano in China or Indonesia is much cheaper at the moment than in Europe, America or Great Britain.

The Chinese manufacturer assures that Schumann’s instruments are based on German tradition and using German components. Indeed, Schumann pianos use Roslau strings, and the mechanism elements also contain German patents and parts such as Abel hammers. Detailed information about this can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

Schumann upright and grand piano models

Currently, in the factory under the name Nanjing Schumann Piano Manufacturing Co. the mentioned Moutrie and Steiner instruments are created in addition to the Schumann brand (from 2014). What models of Schumann upright and grand pianos are available or have been produced over the years? Down below we have upright pianos in different sizes and 3 models of grand pianos:

  • Schumann upright pianos: C1 (112cm), ER8 (120cm), KM1 (120cm), E9 (121cm), E2 (121cm), K1 (122cm), K4 (122cm), K8 (122cm), AL1 (124cm), A2 (125cm), DA1 (125cm), D3 (132cm), AD2 (132cm)
  • Schumann grand pianos: GP-152, GP-168, GP-186, GP-212

Moutrie and Steiner upright piano models

  • Moutrie upright pianos – style based on classic British upright pianos with carvings: F10 (120cm), F9 (122cm), F1 (124cm), DF3 (134cm)
  • Pianino Steiner – SG1 (125cm)
It is a high quality upright piano also based on German tradition, introduced to production in 2014 and on sale from 2016.

The value of Schumann upright and grand pianos

The prices of new Schumann upright pianos generally range from 5,000-6,000 €, while a new grand piano will cost between 10,000 and 13,000 € depending on its size. This is an estimated range of prices, the precise costs are best checked with dealers of this brand.

If you are looking for a Schumann grand or upright piano for sale, it is necessary to browse the offers available in our search engine. You can also contact Klaviano’s assistant if you have not found an offer you are interested in or if you have additional questions.

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