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Used, Mason & Hamlin, E1
Year: 1904 Height: 132 cm
Country: United StatesCity: Lilburn
Professional seller
Used, Mason & Hamlin, E1
Year: 1903 Height: 142 cm
Country: United StatesCity: Lilburn
Professional seller
New, Mason & Hamlin, 50
Height: 127 cm
Country: United StatesCity: Omaha
Professional seller
Used, Mason & Hamlin, 50
Height: 127 cm
Country: United StatesCity: Atlanta
Professional seller

Keyboard instruments such as upright and grand pianos have been produced worldwide for about 300 years. Initially they were completely unique instruments, used only by recognized musicians. Generally we can assume that pianos have been available for 150-200 years.

Nowadays we have many brands of these instruments, but they are often not produced in the country where they were originally made. This is a great difficulty, because we can no longer clearly state by name where the piano was made - although it was originally made in Germany, it can now be made in Asia, for example.

You need to deepen your knowledge before you decide to buy an instrument. In America, out of hundreds of factories, only 3 brands of instruments are still produced.

One of them is the legendary Mason & Hamlin. If you are familiar with the world of pianos, you are surely familiar with these unique instruments. And if you don’t know them, this article can help!

The history of the Mason & Hamlin pianos begins in Boston in 1854. The name comes from the names of two exceptional people - Henry Mason the pianist and Emmons Hamlin the inventor and mechanic. These two people were united by the desire to build the most perfect instrument in the world. Henry’s father, Lowell Mason, was a composer and teacher who was the first to introduce music to public American schools!

Initially, the Mason & Hamlin factory was involved in the production of reed organs - like many manufactures at that time. After about 20 years of operation they were the leading producer of reed organs, they also created a harmonium organ and then a cabinet organ. One of Hamlin’s inventions was to introduce the sounds of various instruments to the organ. In 1881 they began to create upright and grand pianos, employing the best technicians to develop the Mason & Hamlin brand. They also distinguished themselves by using the finest materials.

At the beginning of the twentieth century the Mason & Hamlin piano reviews were great, and it was already an extremely respected brand of instruments. It can be said that these were the best years for the Mason & Hamlin factory. For the following years they produced excellent upright and grand pianos, even during the Great Depression the factory was functioning, but it was a very difficult period. Between 1924 and 1982 Mason & Hamlin first became the property of the American Piano Company, then the Aeolian and Aeolian - American Company (it was bought out like most major American piano manufactures).

In 1983-1995 the company was sold several more times, becoming the property of Sohmer Piano in 1985, among others. In 1989 the factory was moved to Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Ultimately, Mason & Hamlin was owned by the creators of PianoDisc, a piano player systems factory, in 1996. Brothers Gary and Kirk Burgett decided to buy the factory when they found out about its bankruptcy. Kirk is a long-time specialist and technician in the piano business, while Gary was a piano teacher. The new owners set themselves the goal of restoring the brand’s splendour, and in just a few years they succeeded.

To this day, Mason & Hamlin pianos are manufactured in a multi-storey workshop in Haverhill and distributed throughout North America, Canada, Asia and Europe.

The Mason & Hamlin foams are distinguished by several innovations - among them a thick, stable rim made of maple wood, and the tension resonator placed in a steel six-armed crown retention. This system guarantees that the frame will not change its shape for many years (introduced in 1900 and then patented by President Richard W. Gertz).

Nowadays, Mason & Hamlin pianos additionally use the fully carbon, extremely durable Wessel Nickel and Gross carbon fiber action as the Mason & Hamlin piano action.

Interestingly, Mason & Hamlin produces a very narrow line of grand pianos and only one upright piano model - this tradition has been going on for many years.

The model 50 upright piano is distinguished by its beautiful Mason & Hamlin piano sound, close to a small baby grand piano. It will be ideal for people who are looking for a professional instrument but cannot afford to own a grand piano for various reasons. The name comes from the height of 50 inches, or 127cm.

As for baby grand pianos, there are five models on offer. The small Mason & Hamlin piano can include the smallest model B – 5’4’’, and the larger A- 5’8’’.

The larger grand pianos include the AA 6’4’’, BB 7’0’’’ and the largest one produced CC 9’4’’.

Perhaps you are wondering how much do Mason & Hamlin pianos cost?

These instruments, due to the traditional production methods and the highest quality of materials, are held primarily by professional musicians and institutions. A new Mason & Hamlin piano price is between $60,000 (model B) and even $150,000 (model CC). It is difficult to determine a Mason & Hamlin piano cost after renovation - it depends on the condition and date of manufacture.

However, we will pay less than $30,000 for a new upright piano of this brand.

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