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Perfect piano for a child

Many parents wonder what piano to choose from such a rich offer on the market. When sending a child to learn to play the piano, we are often afraid to buy an instrument at the beginning of their learning. Not knowing if our child will get discouraged quickly, we postpone the purchase decision until later or we buy cheap organs, saying to ourselves: "let him have at least something." From an economic point of view, this approach is justified. From the point of view of learning, encouraging the child to start playing, not so much.

Perfect piano for a child

Dear parent, if you send your child to a music school, enroll them in piano lessons with a professional, you want to teach them not only to play, but above all to sensitize them to the world of music. Show them that playing an instrument is also a lot of fun and a challenge. Therefore, the best solution is contact with a live, normal piano. Consider buying, maybe renting a piano. You can also regularly visit a music school or a cultural institution where your child will be able to practice between piano lessons.

If you think that playing the piano is just pressing your fingers on keys, you are wrong. Correct hand positioning, the shaping of the "playing apparatus" is a challenge for the student and the teacher. A keyboard in professional education should not have a place in your home. It is a soulless machine with delicate keys, without any resistance to the playing or dynamics.

Piano lesson

When deciding to buy a piano, remember that it has to be technically efficient and in tune. It does not have to be the most beautiful and immediately from the „top shelf". Also know that pianos do not lose their value like cars. If you plan to sell it after some time, you are able to recover your invested money.

Grzegorz Rychlik
Author: Grzegorz Rychlik

Pianist and laureate of piano competitions, as well as piano teacher.
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