The 123 year old QRS Music is one of the oldest companies in the world of reproducing piano systems and content. It all started with the production of content in the form of Player Piano Rolls. Which, by the way, it still produces today! Of course, this is not the main product of this company, which has been developing self-playing pianos for over a century. All these years of experience have helped them to develop QRS PNOmation, a state-of-the-art system. That allows us to play our favorite music on any acoustic piano.

Grand piano with QRS PNOmation

What is a QRS PNOmation player piano system?

In a nutshell, we can say that the QRS system, is a system that allows your piano to play music. But that’s like saying smartphones are for making phone calls. 😉 So what functions does the QRS system offer?

The QRS PNOmation player piano system

It allows you to play the entire library of QRS content – considered the best on the market! That’s over 3,000 and growing complimentary (free) tracks. And over 15,000 tracks available for the first year at no extra cost. Songs can be purchased individually, or whole albums or playlists. Most customers, however, use the QRS All Access Plans or Stream Services. These allow you to stay current with content and events along witht extended warranties and updates for future versions.

Unique user interface

The entire song library is stored on the piano’s internal drive. And can be accessed at any time, using any device with wifi access. Thanks to this approach, we are able to directly link QRS technology to: The new QRSConnect platform (enabling joint concerts and lessons at a distance). QRSTV (the piano accompanies a film we are watching or a concert by a favorite artist). 

With this function you can record your songs. Automatically save them as notes or play them back later using the self-playing system. The system is able to save songs not only to internal memory, but also to the free cloud. So you don’t have to transfer your songs to a memory stick to edit the notes in your composition software. It is also great for learning to play online. Sessions allow your networked player to receive remote performances on your piano on the fly or scheduled.

In which pianos is the QRS piano system installed? 

The QRS system is distinguished by the fact that it can be installed on both new and used upright and grand pianos of ANY brand. If you have an unused piano sitting in your living room that you have enjoyed listening to. But unfortunately can’t play yourself or don’t have the time to do so. Installing a QRS system could be an interesting option for you to enjoy live piano music at any time.

In addition, QRS also offers to upgrade all older player piano systems (PianoDisc, Disklavier, Spirio) to the latest version of PNOmation – as long as they have MIDI inputs. That is, if we have a piano with a Disklavier system with music on floppy disks or CDs. After installing the QRS Update module we will be able to control the instrument with our phone. Enjoying all the advantages of a full PNOmation installation.

How much does it cost to install a QRS system?

It mainly depends on which option and additional accessories you decide on. The price may also be affected by the region/country you are from. The average cost of installing a QRS PNOmation system in the basic version (standard playback only field install) on a new grand piano can be around $8,000 and up depending location and field installation costs. Adding silent system, PNOscan optical record capabilities and/or QRS factory install will add to the base pricing.

Where to have QRS PNOmation system installed?

Where to have QRS PNOmation system installed?

The best way to find a technician who installs QRS PNOmation, is to visit the QRS Music website and send a message asking for directions to the nearest technician. QRS Music has dealers and technicians all over the US. So there is a good chance that they will be able to install QRS PNOmation in your piano. In Europe, they work with manufacturers and have their own distribution in the Netherlands, and installers in various countries.

Article written in collaboration with QRS Music

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