In this article, we would like to share with you a story John, a friendly piano technician, told us some time ago. John runs a small piano restoration workshop, and a few months ago he started working on one of the most moving projects of his career. Ahead is a short story about unfulfilled dreams, Calisa and John’s wife, with Klaviano appearing in the background of the whole story. But let’s start at the beginning – the Christmas dinner.

The beginning of a story – Bolero at the Christmas table

A year ago, during a Christmas dinner, John’s wife shared a childhood memory. She told of her most beautiful birthday present, which she received from her beloved grandmother at the age of ten. A Calisia model M-40 Bolero piano, in dark walnut. For the next year, she took private piano lessons and honed her skills in the evenings.

Unfortunately, the need to move to a smaller flat forced the family to part with this piano. Despite her attempts to return to playing, John’s wife faced numerous difficulties: lack of space, limited time and funds. Only occasionally, when she visited her husband at work, could she stop by the instruments he had restored to feel the magic of the sounds again.

piano renovation

Searching for a surprise gift – time to start

John knew of her musical talent, but did not know the story behind the Calisia piano. He wanted to use this secret to give his wife a gift that would stay in her heart forever. And to find a piano of exactly the same model and brand. He began an intensive search on various advertising portals. But after a month of trying, he still could not find a suitable piano. Calisa pianos were for sale, but this particular model seemed to be elusive. He didn’t give up because he knew it might take time to find one. So he decided to use his knowledge and industry experience.

Klaviano enters the story

He logged into his account on Klaviano. Where he had already advertised his piano restoration services and occasionally sold restored pianos. He set the appropriate search criteria, saving his search. Now all he had to do was wait for a suitable advertisement. Not even a month had passed when John noticed a notification on his phone. An ad matching your criteria found at This was the moment he had been waiting for.

Klaviano push notification

He thought he would call the dealer after work to find out more about this piano. However, as happens in life, he forgot about it. It wasn’t until a week later, while going through his backlog of emails, that he came across a message. An ad matching your criteria found at, which reminded him of a certain piano. He wrote an email to the person who was offering the piano. But the very next day he received a reply – the instrument had been sold. It was a real bummer. However, John didn’t give up, knowing that next time he had to hurry up.

Expected push notification from Klaviano

He had to wait four long months for the next notification of a New Ad in your saved searches. When it finally appeared on his phone, he clicked without hesitation. A Calisia model M-40 appeared on the screen, but unfortunately, white. Time was running out until his wife’s birthday, so he decided to act fast. He called the owner and found out that he himself had painted the instrument white about ten years ago to match the décor of his flat. Despite this, John made the decision to buy it, seeing the potential of this piano. It was in good condition and reasonably priced, and the white paint from the case can be tried to be removed.

The grinder in the lead role and the grand finale

dream piano on Klaviano

After travelling more than 350 km, John arrived at the site to collect the piano. He told his wife that it was simply another piano to be refinished and set to work. When he sanded the case – a walnut finish showed under the white paint. He refined every detail, darkened the case, and finished the work on the piano perfectly three days before his wife’s birthday. The joy and surprise when his wife saw her birthday present – a Calisia model M-40 Bolero piano in dark walnut – were priceless. Now John listens to live concerts played by his wife every evening. We are always very happy to hear stories like this. When someone just happens to find their dream piano at Klaviano.

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