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Används, Yamaha, CFIIIS
Används, Yamaha, G3
    Senast tillagd
  • Används, Yamaha, G3
  • år: 1991 Längd: 182 cm
    Land: Tyskland Staden: Bad Schwalbach
    Privat säljare
Yamaha Clp 695 Gp
    Senast tillagd
  • Yamaha Clp 695 Gp
  • år: 2018 Längd: 124 cm
    Land: Tyskland Staden: Dortmund
    Företaget/ Verifierad säljare
Används, Yamaha, C5
    Senast tillagd
  • Används, Yamaha, C5
  • år: 1989 Längd: 200 cm
    Land: Frankrike Staden: Palaiseau
    Företaget/ Verifierad säljare
Används, Yamaha, G2
    Senast tillagd
  • Används, Yamaha, G2
  • år: 1986 Längd: 170 cm
    Land: Nederländerna Staden: Veenendaal
    Företaget/ Verifierad säljare
  • Sida av 34

Yamaha – popular upright and grand pianos for Yamaha beginners

When looking for a piano for a child who wants to try learning to play the piano, parents often look for Yamaha pianos. This is because very often children attending music schools play such instruments. Parents whose knowledge of the piano is limited only to the fact that it is a keyboard instrument that plays and presents nicely in the apartment, often taking shortcuts when making a choice when buying a piano for a child who is just starting to learn, they are choosing the Yamaha piano. Yamaha pianos are very well available on the market of new and used instruments offered by piano salons around the world, and the quality is often very satisfactory.

Which Yamaha upright model should I pick?

If you are considering buying a Yamaha piano, the number of models offered by the manufacturer may be overwhelming. When buying a piano, it is worth using the professional help of the store offering these instruments, or at least the piano tuning technician, so the child enjoys playing the piano for many years. One of the most popular models of Yamaha pianos are the U1 and U3. The first major difference between the two pianos is their height, the Yamaha U1 is 121 cm high and the Yamaha U3 is 131 cm high. You should discuss the other details that differentiate these pianos on the spot in a shop with a professional seller. Yamaha also offers several other pianos that are worth consideration. These are models from the B series: B1 with the height of 109 cm, B2 a little higher with the height of 113 cm, and B3 with 121 centimeters in height. What defines these instruments is the ability to use the silent module in these acoustic instruments. The silent system is an interesting option because after putting headphones on we can still enjoy playing the piano and stay in harmony with our neighbors, who will not complain about a loud piano playing neighbor. It is worth noting that the above-mentioned Yamaha pianos are most popular on the market for used pianos for many sellers.

Do you want to buy a Yamaha grand piano?

Before you buy a Yamaha piano, it’s worth asking yourself whether it should be new or used. The range of Yamaha pianos is currently very wide. We will try to suggest several models of this brand that we think are worth considering. The Yamaha GB1 is a much sought-after Yamaha piano model, it is 151 cm long, and fits perfectly into a larger living room in an apartment or single-family house that will fill with great sound.

The next two models of this Japanese brand are Yamaha G2 and G3. These grand pianos are for people with greater piano skills. The G2 model is larger than the Yamaha GB1, it is 173 cm long, while the Yamaha G3 is a 183 cm grand piano, and is an economical version of the Yamaha C3. The Yamaha C3 is dedicated to music schools and students who use them there with a length of 186 cm. With identical dimensions, Yamaha also offers Yamaha C3X, a piano with a thickened skeleton ensuring exceptional load capacity of the instrument and richer sound qualities. The last two Yamaha grand piano models equipped with beautiful red felt on a cast iron frame are Yamaha C5 and C7. The Yamaha C5 is a 200 cm long piano that fits perfectly at home or on stage or in the studio. The Yamaha C7 is a 227 cm long piano. There are many options, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with them and make the most optimal choice. A very big advantage of Yamaha pianos is the possibility of having a silent system module, which, if necessary, will allow you to enjoy playing in all conditions and at any convenient time of day or night.

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