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Används, Sauter, 108
  • Används, Sauter, 108
  • år: 1954 Hem Featured: 108 cm
    Land: Tyskland Staden: Jena
    Företaget/ Verifierad säljare
Används, Sauter, 118
  • Används, Sauter, 118
  • år: 1982 Hem Featured: 118 cm
    Land: Italien Staden: Paderno Franciacorta
    Företaget/ Verifierad säljare
Används, Sauter, 108
Används, Sauter, 108
  • Används, Sauter, 108
  • Hem Featured: 108 cm
    Land: Nederländerna Staden: Doetinchem
    Företaget/ Verifierad säljare
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Is it worth buying a Sauter piano?

Sauter is an extremely well-known, exclusive and unique brand of upright and grand pianos. All Sauter instruments are hand-made – it’s not the mass production common in the piano market today.Any pianist looking for the perfect instrument should take a longer look at this brand, due to the perfection that fills every inch of their pianos.

Reviews of Sauter pianos are delightful. Practically all users confirm that the instruments of this brand are excellent, characterised by simplicity, perfection and subtlety. The innovation and modern design, as well as the contrasts that fill Sauter pianos create not only a noble-sounding instrument, but also a beautiful handicraft, distinguished by its extraordinary design. Sauter piano tests also demonstrate charisma, delicacy and beautiful sound, as well as the delight of those playing instruments from this brand for the first time.

We should certainly pay attention to the mechanism of Sauter pianos, which is distinguished by double repetition, as used in grand pianos. The effect we obtain blurs the boundary between grand and upright pianos, which only Sauter instruments can deliver.

How much does a Sauter upright and grand piano cost?

Currently the price of new Sauter upright pianos ranges from €11,000 to €20,000. Grand pianos, being by nature the more expensive and prestigious instruments, naturally have a slightly higher price. Sauter offer new grand pianos in the price range of €34,000 to €68,000 and second-hand pianos in the range of €15,000-€33,000. Used Sauter upright pianos are slightly cheaper at around €11,000.

The most popular Sauter piano models

The Sauter Sondermodell 114 is a highly desirable classic which, thanks to its attention to detail, is able to delight not only the listener but also the pianist. The high-gloss black finish makes the instrument seem even more spectacular in its simplicity. For a second-hand Sauter Sondermodell 114 piano you can pay around €11,200-€15,600.

Sauter Caurus 112 is intended for demanding and ambitious people who want to learn to play the piano or deepen their skills. The sounds that we can get out of even a used Sauter Caurus piano will make even the most demanding listener amazed. The price of a new Sauter Caurus 112 is about €10,000.

The Sauter Cosmo 116 is perfection in every single detail. Golden finishes and the velvety sound are characteristic features of the new Sauter Cosmo piano. The price of the new Sauter instrument is about €13 400.

History of the Sauter company

The history of the brand began in the early 19th century, when Johann Grimm took piano-building lessons from a married couple, Johann Andreas Streicher and Nanette Stein. The couple boasted a close friendship with Beethoven himself, who decided to buy one of the instruments from them. After six years of learning, the student started to build the instrument in the town of Spaichingen in the south of Germany. The workshop was taken over by Johann Grimm’s nephew and then by his son who, thanks to numerous journeys, used innovative solutions and modern techniques. The experience of the Sauter Klavier is therefore immense. Soon the SAUTER brand became known throughout Germany and pianos began to be exported to the rest of the world. With its modern solutions and beautiful sound, the company found itself in the world’s premium class.


Upright and grand pianos by Sauter are dream instruments for every aspiring pianist, looking for the perfect sound that reflects the emotions hidden in notes and songs. Anyone who is preparing to buy a piano should think longer about the extensive Sauter brand range, as it can deliver the feeling of uncompromising, extraordinary playing.

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