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 kawai Gl-10 Grand Piano
Används, Kawai, RX-5
  • Används, Kawai, RX-5
  • år: 2007 Längd: 197 cm
    Land: Italien Staden: Paderno Franciacorta
    Företaget/ Verifierad säljare
Används, Kawai, KF-1
  • Används, Kawai, KF-1
  • år: 1992 Längd: 164 cm
    Land: Tyskland Staden: Aichstetten
    Företaget/ Verifierad säljare
Nya, Kawai, Andra
Nya, Kawai, Andra
Används, Kawai, GL-10
Används, Kawai, GL-30
Används, Kawai, GL-10
Används, Kawai, KG-2E
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Kawai - Trust in Japanese quality upright and grand pianos

When looking for an upright or grand piano, the choice of new and used instruments on the market is quite wide. The brands of upright and grand pianos built in Europe as well as in North America have an excellent reputation. What is worth mentioning is the manufacturer Kawai, a factory established almost 100 years ago, a huge Japanese manufacturer of upright and grand pianos, with a very extensive network of official sellers of new instruments in many countries of the world, surely in the country you live in you can also find a specialist offering a wide range of Kawai models.

Some facts about the history of the Kawai factory and Kawai pianos

Koichi Kawai founded the factory in 1927 and the first piano of this brand appeared on the market a year later. Interestingly, during the Second World War, the factory was used to produce military supplies, but in 1948 it returned to the production of upright and grand pianos. In 1955 the factory was taken over by Koichi Kawai’s son Shigeru Kawai, who directed the company towards modernisation. Interestingly, there is also a line of upright and grand pianos with this name, but there will certainly be a separate article on this subject. As time went on and Kawai developed programs to train new builders in this field in 1973, Kawai was already able to produce over 5000 pianos per month. Today, Hirotaka Kawai is also the chairman and CEO of a thriving global piano production.

Is it worth buying a Kawai upright or grand piano?

If you have any experience of playing this brand of instruments, such as playing Kawai pianos at the school or music school you attend or your children attend, it’s certainly easier to decide to buy Kawai. This way you can experience the real quality of Kawai pianos, and judge for yourself whether the quality is satisfactory. If you haven’t played a Kawai piano yet, but are considering buying an instrument of this brand, it’s a good idea to go to a dealer who will let you experience the instrument, as it will make it easier to choose an upright piano or a grand piano that will last a long time with proper care. When you visit a professional dealer who knows the Kawai brand well, you will surely meet a large number of beginner pianos, as well as concert pianos, cabinet pianos, which are the smallest in terms of size through a huge range of larger instruments, to concert pianos such as the Yamaha series with CF and SX symbols at the beginning in the markings. The quality and presence of Kawai upright and grand pianos in various public places such as music schools or concert halls or philharmonies definitely confirm that they can compete with European manufacturers.

Are Kawai instruments good?

The answer to this question can only be found by experiencing these instruments, so if you are seriously considering buying, make an appointment to see the piano preferably in a shop offering new and used instruments. The seller will certainly make several instruments available for you to try them out and make the best decision. There you can also find instruments in different states and price ranges, which will help you decide for example for a new Kawai K200 for just over €5,000 or a used Kawai GL10 piano. Often if you already own a used Kawai instrument that you would like to exchange for another one, this is where you can find information about e.g. billed purchases or the value of your Kawai instrument. If you would like to know the serial number of your Kawai, this is also the best opportunity, as the seller will certainly be able to easily find this information in your instrument, and will assess its real value. Sometimes you can find a Kawai piano that you want to buy even from a private person and wonder if the price is appropriate to the condition of the instrument, then we also recommend that you consult an official Kawai dealer, who will help you avoid disappointment and perhaps offer you a more proven instrument in better condition, a bit more expensive but more solid and well-kept.

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