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Is Bösendorfer the best brand of upright and grand pianos?

The factory producing Bösendorfer upright and grand pianos is certainly one of the reasons for pride of piano builders in Austria. The brand has a great reputation in the country where it was launched by the Austrian musician Ignaz Bösendorfer in 1828. The factory of these valuable upright and grand pianos is located in Vienna, the Austrian capital. These pianos were appreciated at exhibitions as well as in 1839 by Emperor Ferdinand I, who, as a token of his appreciation of Bösendorfer’s craftsmanship, bestowed upon Ignaz the title of "creator of pianos for the imperial and royal courts", which was already a great honour at that time. The factory offers many upright and grand pianos, the models of which fit perfectly into the needs of even the most demanding virtuosos of these magnificent instruments. From the very beginning the Bösendorfer factory was a family business, Ignaz’s successor was his son Ludwik, who contributed to the dynamic development of the factory. It was not until 2008 that the Bösendorfer factory in Vienna was also known for its production of Yamaha upright and grand pianos.

Where can I buy new or used Bösendorfer upright or grand pianos?

When considering the purchase of a Bösendorfer instrument, it is worth considering whether it should be a grand or an upright piano. Next, we recommend to consider the condition of the instrument, which will be the optimal choice. Whether it is to be a new Bösendorfer piano or a used piano. In making a decision, it is usually helpful to determine the budget we have for buying your dream instrument and the requirements that a given grand or upright piano should meet. If you already have an initial idea of what kind of Bösendorfer you are looking for, we recommend to contact the shop offering this brand of instruments, preferably an official dealer who is familiar with the new and used Bösendorfer keyboard instruments. Why do we advise you to do this? The official traders who offer new instruments have a great deal of knowledge about them, they often come to the factory to test specific instruments, which makes them more sensitive to the musical and aesthetic qualities of these wonderful instruments. Most often, they have a few copies in the shop, which will allow you to test a grand or upright piano. Compare the new with a used Bösendorfer in order to make the most appropriate choice. It is well known that to get to know an instrument well, you need to play it to build an emotional bond with it, and that these emotions are best expressed during play or concert. The largest number of offers of used upright or grand pianos can be found with European traders, which is due to the proximity of the factory, but it also has official representatives and has a reputation in the United States, for example. It is also worth noting that second-hand pianos are very popular among the factories renovating these instruments, which makes a wide range of beautiful renovated Bösendorfers available on the market for instruments with history, but restored. There is no doubt that thanks to its excellent quality Bösendorfer is classified as a premium brand.

Which models are offered by the Bösendorfer factory?

If you want to have a piano at home with the Bösendorfer inscription on the keyboard cover, there are two models of new pianos available. These are the Bösendorfer 120CL and the Bösendorfer 130CL. Both of these pianos are available on request in new condition, in used condition they are rather rare to find. They present amazing sound qualities, so we encourage you to try them out during a visit to the piano saloon, and evaluate them individually. When it comes to pianos, the factory offers a wider range of instruments to choose from. The smallest of the pianos is the Bösendorfer 155, which will look perfect and enjoy family celebrations. For private use, we recommend the Bösendorfer 170 or Bösendorfer 185, which can be found not only in new but also in used condition. Bösendorfer semi-concert pianos include the Bösendorfer 200, model 214VC and Bösendorfer 225, which can be found quite often in used condition. The factory also offers great concert pianos, i.e. the Bösendorfer 280 and the Imperial model, which is as much as 290 cm long and, unlike other pianos, has a larger number of keys than the standard available, i.e. it will allow the pianist to use the full 8 octaves of the sound range. Historically, Bosendorfer even produced grand pianos with double keyboards (invented by Emanuel Moor in the early 20th century). If you are wondering how much a Bösendorfer upright or grand piano costs, the best way to find out is to compare the offers and contact a dealer who will provide reliable information.

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