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Används, C. Bechstein, 12n
Nya, C. Bechstein, A6
  • Nya, C. Bechstein, A6
  • Hem Featured: 126 cm
    Land: Nederländerna Staden: Veenendaal
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C. Bechstein – the pianos by Carl Bechstein from the factory in Berlin

If you are thinking of buying a German C. Bechstein piano, it’s worth knowing what makes them such unique instruments. What should you look for when visiting a store offering C. Bechstein instruments? In particular, we recommend visiting authorized dealers of this brand, who are very familiar with these instruments from the technical side. They learn about it during instrument servicing, tuning, adjustment, intonation or repair. One of the secrets to the excellent quality of the C. Bechstein brand is the time spent adjusting the mechanism even at the factory before the piano reaches its final owner. The pianos have been produced in the Berlin factory since 1853. Bechstein pianos can impress not only with their external appearance, thanks to the huge range of finishes available for the instrument. They also delight with their amazing sound, wonderfully presenting themselves in houses, flats and institutions mostly in Germany, but not only because the factory has its representatives in many other countries. C. Bechstein definitely belongs to the premium level when it comes to producers of pianos on the world scale.

Are you thinking about buying a new C. Bechstein upright piano?

At the beginning it is worth considering whether it should be a new C. Bechstein piano, which the manufacturer has on offer. For example, model A 114, a small piano with a compact design, but also a lot of sound power. C. Bechstein A 114 may be ideal for beginners to learn to play the piano. You can also find C. Bechstein upright pianos 118 cm high on the market. Another one of the models currently produced by the factory is the A 124 model, it is recommended for more advanced students of piano playing. C. Bechstein A 124 has a very pleasant sound to the ear, which, combined with more advanced techniques, gives pianists greater possibilities. In the C. Bechstein piano range, the highest is the Concert 8, which is 131 cm high and is a concert instrument. It presents a unique and strong tone and is recommended to pianists with advanced skills who will bring out beautiful sounds on this piano at home, if they have enough space that the piano can easily fill. It is worth paying attention to this piano brand when you want the piano as a piece of furniture. Various finishes are included, which the manufacturer offers for the new offer, i.e. black high gloss, black matt, white high gloss, and colors from wood types, e.g. mahogany or walnut. Certainly, the new C. Bechstein piano that will be in your home will play flawlessly and look perfect and will be a reason for pride during all family celebrations. Of course, all pianos of this factory can be found as used instruments, the purchase of which, depending on the attractiveness of the offer, is also worth considering. Especially if your budget is lower than the cost of the new Bechstein piano and the seller’s offer is attractive.

Buying a used C. Bechstein grand piano?

The C. Bechstein factory also offers a wide range of not only upright pianos but also grand pianos. Depending on your budget, you can opt for a new C. Bechstein. When you have smaller financial possibilities, there are a lot of used Bechstein pianos on the market, which, despite their long-term use, often are properly cared for by a professional piano technician, which will serve you for the next decades, and often cost several times less than the new pianos of the same brand. Their dimensions range from 160 cm long in the case of the so-called cabinet grand piano to the C. Bechstein concert grand piano model D which is 282 cm long. What can be confusing in the multitude of Carl Bechstein models? There are as many as six A models of this brand: A 160, A 175, A 190, A 192, A 208 and A 228 - which at the same time reveals the length of these pianos, which are all different. Other pianos available from this brand are C. Bechstein models: L 167, B 212, C 234 and D 282 cm. Interestingly enough, on the market for used grand pianos by C. Bechstein you can also find the E model which is 280 cm long, which is also unfortunately no longer manufactured, but due to its dimensions, it can enjoy large concert halls or churches with its sound.

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