One of the most recognised piano manufacturers is Bösendorfer – an Austrian company founded in the first half of the 19th century. To this day it maintains a high position on the world’s musical instruments market. It delights, above all, with the high quality of its pianos and the wonderful design which will please even the most sophisticated tastes. 

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Long and rich history

The Bosendorfer company was founded in 1828 by the Austrian musician Ignaz Bösendorfer. After his death, production was taken over by his son Ludwig, who led to a very dynamic development of the company. By the end of the 19th century, Bosendorfer pianos were being played at the courts of aristocratic families, royal and imperial, including in Russia and France. Around 1900 the Bosendorfer Imperial was built, a top-class grand piano concert instrument which became a model for other instruments throughout the world. In the following years the company changed ownership several times. The Bosendorfer survived the Second World War and was acquired by the Kimbal company in 1966. Since 2008, it has been owned by the world-famous Yamaha corporation.

Top quality workmanship

Bosendorfer has in its offer pianos intended for the most demanding musicians. The company boasts the highest quality of workmanship, precision and, consequently, perfect sound. The manufacturer uses components mainly originating from Austria. It is worth mentioning the copper and steel used for the production of strings, as well as spruce wood. This wood is the basis of every Bosendorfer piano. The wood first dries in natural conditions for 5 years before being used in production. Because of these things, these pianos achieve their unique sound.

Bosendorfer Vienna Concert

The factory focuses primarily on quality, which is confirmed by the number of instruments produced – only about 300 per year. Unlike many other manufacturers, Bosendorfer carries out individual orders, and during the production of a piano the individual elements are still assembled by hand. It is possible to order different colour versions, finishes, as well as veneered elements using different types of wood.

Tradition and modernity

In addition to traditional instruments, the company continues to innovate. It offers pianos equipped with the Silent System option, which allows you to switch from acoustic to digital mode. There is also a Disklavier version, which has extensive mechanisms that allow both the piano to play songs on its own and a recording option. For many, these may be compromises that go too far, but there’s no denying that modern technology makes life easier. It allows you to combine the advantages of acoustic instruments with the possibilities of high-end digital instruments.

Classic models of Bösendorfer pianos


120120 cm / 47″152 cm / 60″65 cm / 25″262 kg / 578 ibsCheck it out on Klaviano
130132 cm / 52″152 cm / 60″65 cm / 25″264 kg / 582 ibsCheck it out on Klaviano

Grand pianos

170102 cm / 40″151 cm / 59″170 cm / 5’7″316 kg / 697 ibsCheck it out on Klaviano
185102 cm / 40″151 cm / 59″185 cm / 6’1″332 kg / 732 ibsCheck it out on Klaviano
200102 cm / 40″151 cm / 59″200 cm / 6’7″353 kg / 778 ibsCheck it out on Klaviano
214102 cm / 40″151 cm / 59″214 cm / 7’0″367 kg / 809 ibsCheck it out on Klaviano
225102 cm / 40″151 cm / 59″225 cm / 7’5″419 kg / 924 ibsCheck it out on Klaviano

Concert grand pianos

230VC102 cm / 40″154 cm / 61″230 cm / 7’7″420 kg / 926 ibsCheck it out on Klaviano
280VC102 cm / 40″157 cm / 62″280 cm / 9’2″507 kg / 1118 ibsCheck it out on Klaviano
290 Imperial102 cm / 40″168 cm / 66″290 cm / 9’6″552 kg / 1217 ibsCheck it out on Klaviano

Collector’s editions

Bosendorfer produces many classic piano and upright piano models adapted to the expectations of different customers. In addition to these, the offer also includes limited and collector’s versions referring to famous artists. An example is the Cocteau limited series dedicated to the French playwright and painter. The lid is screen-printed with Jean Cocteau’s likeness of Orpheus. Other pianos of this type include, among others, the Bosendorfer Porsche series or the Liszt and Strauss series designed to pay tribute to outstanding composers.

Bosendorfer piano

When was my Bosendorfer piano produced?

For the answer to this question, be sure to check the serial number of your instrument and then locate it within the date range below:

List of serial numbers of Bosendorfer pianos (click to open)

1830 – 200
1840 – 490
1850 – 3000
1860 – 5000
1870 – 6400
1875 – 8000
1880 – 9300
1885 – 10800
1890 – 12200
1895 – 13870
1900 – 15640
1905 – 17620
1910 – 19640
1915 – 21370
1920 – 22530
1925 – 23880
1930 – 25350
1935 – 25700
1940 – 26290
1944 – 26730
1950 – 26960
1955 – 27490
1960 – 28017
1965 – 28434
1970 – 29109
1975 – 30622
1980 – 33444
1985 – 37445
1990 – 41062
1995 – 43374
2000 – 45150
2005 – 47531
2008 – 48625

How much do Bösendorfer pianos cost?

Bösendorfer is a premium brand in every respect. For many people, Bösendorfer is the best, even most legendary, piano brand in the world. The prices of new instruments are not low. They range between €20,000 and €45,000 for an upright piano to as much as €200,000 for a grand piano. Second-hand models can be bought correspondingly cheaper – prices average between €10,000 and €100,000, depending on the model and condition. An example is a used Bösendorfer 225, which can be bought for around €40,000-50,000. Bösendorfer pianos are often refurbished, so you can find offers for restored models, even using original parts. Restoration preserves the original character and sound of the instrument, which is very important for many people.



Regardless of our assessment of the company, the Bosendorfer brand is a true legend. The instruments have a unique look and a unique sound. The rich history as well as the high rating on the market contribute to the fact that owning your own Bosendorfer is the dream of many musicians all over the world. It is certainly worth playing such an instrument to see how a popular piano differs from a top-class instrument costing a small fortune. The rest depends on your skills and sensitivity to music.

Perhaps you are planning to sell a Bosendorfer instrument and are wondering how to do it? Or maybe you want to buy a Bosendorfer piano? We are glad that you have come here! This is the perfect place to both sell your Bosendorfer piano and find your dream instrument. The purpose of the Klaviano portal is to connect the customer and the seller. Thus, you can both add your offer and find interesting instruments in your area.

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