What is a serial number?

The serial number is assigned by the manufacturer to facilitate identification of a particular upright or grand piano. It is most often used to determine the year of production. It usually consists of 2-7 digits – the higher the number, the younger the instrument. The serial number for a grand piano is usually on the inside and for an upright piano on the back of the instrument. Every manufacturer should keep records and place this marking in an easily accessible place.

Where to find piano serial number?

In the vast majority of cases, the serial number (even if it is invisible at first glance) is located in one of the places we will mention later in this article. However, there are occasions when such a number cannot be located – it is not placed on the upright or grand piano. However, this usually applies to brands of instruments that were in production for a short period of time and were not popular. The period of production may also have been the cause – so times of riots or wars can be blamed for the information chaos. Don’t be discouraged though, as the serial number may just be well hidden inside the instrument.

It is also worth noting that the number you find inside an upright or grand piano does not have to be the serial number of the instrument. It may be a designation of one of the components, e.g. the mechanism or the cast iron frame. If you have found a number but you’re not sure what it refers to, you should compare it with the list of serial numbers of a given brand. If the number is between the lowest and the highest number it is a good sign! To be sure, we can also check whether the model in question was manufactured in the years from which our instrument would come according to the serial number.

Below is a gallery with serial numbers found in various instruments:

Where can I find a list of serial numbers for a particular brand?

If your piano is from a “well-known” brand that has produced instruments for a long time or is still in business, you will find a list of serial numbers on Klaviano. We have placed articles under the advertisements for the brand in question, and they provide verified serial numbers. The Blue Book of Pianos website also has a sizeable database on the subject.

If you encounter problems with finding or verifying the serial number, you can write to the Klaviano consultants. We will be happy to help!

Where can I look for the serial number on a grand piano?

  • On the cast iron frame
  • On the soundboard (by the trademark)
  • Between the reed pegs
  • On the inside of the body (usually in the left-hand corners)
  • In hard-to-reach places, invisible without dismantling the internal parts
how to find grand piano serial number

Where can I look for the serial number on an upright piano?

  • On a cast iron frame
  • On the sounding board under the strings
  • On the back in the upper part of the frame
  • On the inner parts of the side walls
  • On one of the mechanism parts
  • In hard-to-reach places, invisible without dismantling the internal parts
how to find piano serial number
how to find piano serial number

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