Every pianist has their own habits and preferences. It is not uncommon that the requirements for the technical aspects of a piano are hard to meet. Deep sound, long keys and modern design are the dream of every potential buyer. However, there is an instrument that easily combines the above features and is able to satisfy even the most demanding musician. The Kawai K200 piano is a classical, acoustic instrument chosen by both beginner and professional pianists.

Kawai K200 review

Why choose the Kawai K200?

There are many reasons to choose this instrument. First of all, the Kawai K-200 piano is equipped with a soundboard made of spruce wood. Thanks to its tapered ends, the instrument is on an even higher level. Also, the mounting of the soundboard has been strengthened, so the build quality of the K-200 piano is extremely durable.

his Kawai brand instrument has long keys, made of laminated wood, enriched with metal supports. This makes it possible for those who are just beginning their musical adventure to feel the comfort and balance of each sound. Pianists gain complete control over the sound and its volume. Stability is maintained thanks to the mechanics of the Millennium III Upright keyboard. It is completely made of wood and has ABS-Carbon components.

All these aspects make the instrument extremely robust and shock-resistant. The keys work fast, so you are aware of the sound. The Kawai K-200 is a piano that can accompany you for many years without losing its amazing sound and perfect appearance.

Modern solutions

The Kawai K-200 is an instrument that gives us a variety of possibilities. Not only is it able to imitate the sound of a grand piano thanks to its professional modules, but it also has a number of functions enabling you to record tracks, connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth or to a laptop via MIDI.

The possibility of plugging in headphones is also a huge plus. This aspect is especially important for people living in blocks of flats or with small children. This solution is also conducive to playing in the evenings and at night, not disturbing the household and neighbours. The piano also boasts a touch control panel, which shows how modern this equipment is.

Kawai K200

For every pianist, one of the most important aspects is the comfort and joy of playing. Long hours spent at the keyboard should bring joy and solace, and be a break from everyday, grey reality. Kawai K-series pianos are extremely durable, stable and balanced. Opinions of people who regularly play Kawai instruments are unequivocal – the instrument is perfect in every way. The technical innovations introduced make it easier for beginners to learn. The possibility to record and connect with a phone and laptop allows to eliminate mistakes and to hear the played piece a second time.


Details such as the dimensions and weight of the instrument are also important. The Kawai K-200 weighs 208 kg (459 lbs), is 114 cm (45”) high, 149 cm (59”) wide and 57 cm (22”) deep.

The Kawai K-200 piano is an excellent choice for people of all skill levels. Anyone looking for a modern and beautiful sounding instrument should consider the Kawai brand.

How much does the Kawai K200 cost?

A new Kawai K-200 piano costs between 4,300 and 6,700. You can also hunt for special bargains, which are placed on our website klaviano.com. There you will find many new as well as used instruments at very good prices.

About the brand

The founder of the company, Koichi Kawai, set as his primary goal and dream to build the best piano in the world. Thanks to constant development and obstinacy, KAWAI instruments gained newer and more spectacular solutions. After the founder’s death, Shigeru Kawai was left at the helm and, thanks to his passion and extraordinary intelligence, he built a network of Kawai Music Schools and the Kawai Music Academy, which enabled him to train the right teachers. The prestige of the brand was constantly growing. This was largely due to the warm, deep sound that every instrument bearing the Kawai mark guaranteed. Today, its pianos are recognised all over the world.

Kawai K200

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