Do you want to start learning to play the piano but you still don’t know which keyboard best suits your needs? Are you afraid of buying a piano that is too basic or too expensive and that is why you want to find out before all the options? Then you are in the right place!

In this article, together with Shoppok we have prepared a very precise list of the best pianos for beginners on the market so that choosing your first piano is as easy and economical as possible. We started!

List of ideal pianos to be your first instrument

Here is our list of the best pianos for beginners today, considering aspects such as value for money, sound, touch sensitivity, built-in functions, and much more.

1. Schimmel

Schimmel pianos are one of the most exclusive and popular pianos in Germany and practically all of Europe. We can consider it as a medium-high range instrument. Its creator was Wilhelm Schimmel who began to manufacture pianos in 1885 in the city of Leipzig. This majestic piano has managed to be recognized until today when the owner of the brand is the grandson of the founder, Nikolaus Schimmel.

This great brand manufactures 4,000 wall pianos and about 800 grand pianos per year. Therefore, one of the reasons for its importance is that it could be considered as the factory that creates the most pianos in Europe. Also, it is because it uses state-of-the-art computer technology. It also has a great design.

It should be said that at the end of the 50s of last century, when the company was in the hands of the founder’s son, the pianos and, in general, all the instruments; they were the most demanded in Germany and, furthermore, they were exported all over the world.

As for the price of this type of pianos, it should be noted that the new piano can be quite expensive due to its high quality, of course. For this reason, we also bet on second-hand instruments. You can find the piano of your dreams at an unbeatable price.

2. W. Hoffmann

Offering the quality and tradition of C. Bechstein Europe, the W.Hoffmann Vision V 120 model is very popular with customers looking for a good inexpensive piano.

This pianino is not only suitable for beginners: thanks to its quality components, it is distinguished by a typical European sound, neither monotonous nor loud. This is mainly due to the fact that the voice of each copy is personalized by a specialist.

A few words about the origin of the W.Hoffmann V 120 model. Like all instruments in the Vision range, it was designed by the engineers of the C. Bechstein research/development center located in Germany, who endeavored to design a solid piano, with a beautiful voice and a pleasant touch. Making an inexpensive piano meeting these criteria was made possible by the purchase, modernization, and expansion of a production site in the Czech Republic, now operated by C. Bechstein Europe. This is where all models in the W.Hoffmann Vision range are manufactured, using modern technology that is used intelligently.

“Hudba spojuje národy”, this Czech maxim meaning “music unites peoples” reminds us that C. Bechstein Europe staff have music in their blood. If W. Hoffmann has established itself as the European alternative to Asian-sounding instruments, it is for a very simple reason: this brand is the best on the market for beginners and amateurs. Confirmed in search of a cheap piano but with a beautiful voice. As for the Vision range, it gives you class instead of mass production.

3. Zimmermann

The Zimmermann piano is one of the most popular musical instruments on the market. Although the company was acquired from the original founders and producers, the brand has retained the heritage of craftsmanship and great musical quality that made it famous.

This upright piano from Zimmermann is a beautifully made German piano. The traditional design of the mahogany box with a grand piano-style top is very attractive and has been designed to fit in small spaces and produce high-quality sound.

The “Pianic” action is precise and responsive, allowing the professional pianist to go to extremes in dynamic range. Tonally, the piano is warm, smooth, exactly what a well-made piano should sound like. The soundboard is handcrafted using spruce woods to produce the best sound quality.

The Zimmermann piano will easily take a pianist beyond the level 5 grade standard, on top of this it is a beautiful piece of furniture.

The Zimmermann Piano houses the following features. Beautifully crafted French-style mahogany cabinet, solid spruce soundboard to produce the best sound and provide durability and sound maturity. High-quality German action for the most professionally accurate touch response, quality German handmade.

4. Yamaha C1 Grand Piano with Silent SH2 system

Maximum balance and a range of tonal nuances can be found in the C1X SH piano. Every inch of the most compact model in the CX series conveys Yamaha’s passion for the ideal piano.

What is a Silent Piano ™?

When you activate the SilentPiano ™ function, the hammers stop hitting the strings. At the same time, a complex system of optical sensors recognizes all the movements of each of the keys and pedals and sends them to the sound generator module. Play an authentic acoustic piano at any time, day or night, without disturbing you and without being distracted by anything. Yamaha’s exclusive Silent Piano ™ System not only lets you play anytime, but also gives you the ability to experiment with other sounds, easily record your performances, or use the latest Music Apps.

Yamaha’s advanced binaural recording technology has been used to record the sound of the CFX, our acclaimed concert grand piano. Through a system of special microphones, we can offer you the sensations that you would have sitting in front of this incredible instrument, in such a natural way that you will forget that you are wearing headphones.

So what is your favorite piano to buy from the list? Let us know!

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