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How to buy a used piano?

When deciding to buy a used piano, first of all we should buy it from a person who has knowledge about instruments. If not, we should go see the piano with this type of knowledgeable person. A professional (tuner or musician) will not only advise on technical issues. He will assess the sound quality better than us, tell us which piano brands are appreciated all over the world. Otherwise, you could be disappointed and pay a lot of money to properly prepare the instrument.

How to buy a used piano?

Try to see if the seller is honest and fair. Perhaps the seller, even a professional whom we trust because of his profession, simply wants to get rid of the instrument and earn some money. Watch out for sellers who identify their used pianos as ideal in every respect. Perhaps they are not quite able to assess the condition of the piano themselves, and using the word "perfect", they try to gain the customer's trust. Buy instruments after they had a check-up, ready to play. Maybe they will be slightly more expensive in the initial purchase. However, you can be sure that the instrument is technically sound and will only require normal, regular tuning and minor adjustments from time to time, e.g. once or twice a year. Take care of the purchase document and warranty if the seller gives it. Remember, it's well when everything is well, but what if something goes wrong after a while ..?

Grzegorz Rychlik
Author: Grzegorz Rychlik

Pianist and laureate of piano competitions, as well as piano teacher.
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