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Fazioli - an exclusive brand of Italian pianos

Fazioli is an Italian piano producer, which is the fulfilment of Paolo Fazioli’s vision. What is interesting is that the company does not offer in its range any upright pianos, only amazing grand pianos produced not long ago in comparison with other manufacturers, as the first Fazioli grand piano was produced in 1980. The factory offers six piano models as standard from the F156 cabinet model, which is the smallest and will fit perfectly into a flat or a detached house or a larger hall. A special model of this brand is the F183, which is produced the longest, it was the so-called prototype model in the Fazioli factory. Another in the range of these wonderful pianos is the Fazioli F212, which is just 212 cm long, counted among semi-concert pianos for its dimensions, just like the F228, which should meet the requirements of not one professional pianist. The Fazioli range includes two larger and more magnificent concert pianos, the F278 and F308.

The quality of Fazioli pianos has gained the respect from musical authorities, as evidenced by the fact that in 2010, during the 16th Fryderyk Chopin International Piano Competition in Warsaw, for the first time in the history of this competition, a Fazioli piano served the pianists during auditions. It is worth noting that the production does not rely on mass production, as the factory produces about 110 of these exclusive pianos annually, with attention to every detail. According to pianists who value Fazioli, these instruments combine passion, love, a warm tone and technology. This gives the pianist freedom to improvise during concerts.

How much does a Fazioli piano cost?

If you want to have a Fazioli piano at home or in a concert hall, you should first think whether it is to be a new or used instrument. In the case of institutions, the purchase of a new piano will certainly come into play for various reasons. If you want to know the cost of a new piano of this brand, it is worth directly contacting the Fazioli factory or the official representative of the Fazioli brand in your country. From some sources we know that the prices of new grand pianos are not published on the Internet, as this is one of the elements of the marketing strategy of the Fazioli factory that should be respected. So the easiest and quickest way to get to know the details of the offer for a particular piano model is to go directly to a certain source, which we highly recommend. In most European countries, as well as in the United States of America, there is no problem to find an official Fazioli representative, or even several who sell these valuable instruments in a given region. The advantage of buying a new piano is the guarantee offered by the factory, as well as the individual order of the instrument in the colour of your dreams on special order, or the choice of a designer version from the range offered by the Fazioli brand.

Do you want to buy a used Fazioli piano?

When considering the purchase of a used Fazioli piano, we also recommend that you prepare for it. As for the availability of these pianos in used condition, we can confidently state that there are not as many as used instruments of other brands. Since the production is exclusive and not as mass as in the case of other manufacturers, we will not find as many used Fazioli in the aftermarket either. Most often they are offered by the official dealers of this brand who service the given piano and buy them from their long-standing customers, encouraged by the excellent maintenance. Used Fazioli pianos can also be owned directly by private individuals. Our observations show that often these instruments do not lose their value so quickly, and even when rented e.g. for events and concerts, several year old pianos also don’t cost little, but since they defend themselves with quality, it is certainly worth paying attention to the offers of used Fazioli before buying a new piano, because it can still be quite a saving. According to our observations, the most common offers for used Fazioli pianos can be found in Italy, which explains the proximity of the factory. But we can also find them in Germany and the Netherlands, probably because the brand is highly valued and popular there.

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