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Used, August Forster, 160
Year: 1936 Length: 160 cm
Country: GermanyCity: Fürth
Professional seller/ Verified seller
New, August Forster, 190
Length: 190 cm
Country: FranceCity: Saint-Lô
Professional seller/ Verified seller
New, August Forster, 215
Length: 215 cm
Country: FranceCity: Saint-Lô
Professional seller/ Verified seller

August Förster Pianos - Tradition and Musical Excellence

The history of the August Förster brand dates back to the German town of Löbau, where August Förster founded his first piano manufacturing workshop in 1859. From the beginning, the company focused on creating pianos with excellent sound and precise craftsmanship, which quickly gained recognition in the musical world. Now, after five generations, the company remains in the hands of the Förster family, continuing the legacy of crafting exceptional high-quality pianos. There is undoubtedly a subtle difference between the August Förster and Förster brands. In the case of August Förster pianos, their origins trace back to Germany, where founder August Förster contributed to the establishment of the brand. On the other hand, Förster pianos are instruments produced since 1900 in the Czech Republic by Cezar Förster, the son of August Förster. It's worth noting that the Förster brand disappeared from the market in 1960.

Why Choose an August Förster Piano

Opting for an August Förster piano means choosing unparalleled sound, precise craftsmanship, and a centuries-old tradition. Each piano is meticulously handcrafted with attention to the smallest details, resulting in exceptional sound quality and instrument longevity. The brand is known for employing traditional production techniques that are passed down from generation to generation. Each August Förster piano consists of over 12,000 elements that are meticulously matched and combined to achieve a perfect result. A specially selected and prepared soundboard, made from the highest quality spruce, ensures excellent sound and resonance across the tonal range. The piano's frame is made of a special iron alloy, providing optimal string tension. All of this contributes to the pianos of this brand standing out with warm, harmonious sound and a wide range of tones.

Selected August Förster Pianos

  • Model 170 - a salon grand piano characterized by a balance between sound potential and compact design. Model 170 is often chosen by pianists seeking an instrument that performs well in both home settings and smaller concert spaces. Despite its size, this piano offers deep and full sound, serving as an expressive tool for musical emotions.
  • Model 190 - a 190 cm long piano offering significant power and expressiveness in sound. This model is ideal for pianists in search of a fuller and more elaborate spectrum of tones. Model 190 is characterized by rich bass and clear, bright high tones, making it suitable for various musical styles.
  • Model 215 - a "small" concert grand piano measuring 215 cm, designed for professional pianists and demanding concert halls. This model offers powerful, full, and deep sound, providing excellent sound projection in larger spaces.
  • Model 275 - a 275 cm long concert grand piano designed for major performances, primarily in concert halls. Model 275 is the flagship model of the brand, intended for the most demanding performances and professional musical contexts. This piano offers immense power and tonal variety, enabling pianists to fully utilize their artistic expression. Model 275 stands out not only with its powerful sound but also with a deep and subtly balanced interpretation of musical emotions.
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