Mason and Hamlin B for half the new price

Selling price:
51,500.00 €
New / Used
Acoustic / Digital
Year of manufacture
Serial Number
Technical details
146 cm
163 cm
No. of pedals
No. of Keys
Additional information
Gloss level
High Gloss
Finish type
Natural piano key tops
  • Humidity Control System
  • Silent System
  • Piano Player System (e.g. Disklavier, PianoDisc)
Warranty months
Warranty description
60 maanden op vleugel, volledige garantie
MRSP: € 103500 Temporarily for half the new price: € 51500

Regarded as a stunnin g design achievement by technicians and artists, the Model B possesses the rich, full sound of a large grand piano in a space friendly size. It is at home in every living room, lobby and practice room.

Considered a stunning design achievement by engineers and artists alike, this Mason and Hamlin Model B possesses the rich, full sound of a large grand piano in a space-friendly format. It feels at home in any living room, lobby and practice room.

The advantages of a Mason and Hamlin over other premium grand pianos:

1.Mason and Hamlin uses the MH-designed Wessell Nickel and Gross action mechanism, made of advanced composite and carbon fibre materials, no technical problems in a room where moisture control is an issue.
2. Wessell Nickel and Gross parts have much less maintenance and need less tuning than any other mechanism.
3. Mason and Hamlin is the only Grand Piano to use the patented Crown Retention Resonator, this system gives tremendous stability to our Pianos.
4. Because of the Crown Retention system, the original tone is retained longer!
5. The full frame ( also on the left side of the grand piano) gives more tone retention, so the grand piano stays in tune better.
6. Mason and Hamlin has the largest soundboard area compared to similar length models.

Inclusive the best Self playing system there is this moment the PianoDisc Prodigy Player system and ProRecord silent and recording system. Inclusive 600 songs and the possibility to record your songs to Midi file.

Handmade in: USA Haverhill
Lenght: 163 cm
Sounboard Size: 1.883 sq in.
Financial options
Price negotiable
Tuning included in the price
Transport included in the price (ground floor)
North Holland
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Contact Person: Bart Boogaard
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