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History of the Wendl & Lung Brand

The brand of grand pianos, Wendl & Lung, originated in the heart of Austria. Its beginnings date back to the early 20th century when its founder, Stefan Lung, a skilled Viennese craftsman, breathed life into his passion for music and the pursuit of perfect sound. Assisted by his wife and Johann Wendl, their surnames combined to form the name of the newly established pianos. In this narrative, it's worth mentioning the founder's daughter, Stefanie Lung-Veletzky, who, following in the footsteps of Nannette Streicher from the 19th century, became Austria's first female master piano builder. Under her guidance, Wendl & Lung continued to evolve, enriching the musical world with pianos that blend tradition and innovation. The Lung family oversaw piano production until 1999. Today, the brand continues with the same passion and dedication, now under the Vienna-based company Feurich Pianoforte Wendl & Lung GmbH. New Wendl & Lung pianos are crafted in a factory in China.

Characteristics of Wendl & Lung Pianos

Wendl & Lung pianos reflect a deep respect for European musical craftsmanship traditions. Each piano from this brand stands out with a rich yet gentle sound, the result of meticulous design by European technicians and supervised production processes. These pianos offer a more subtle sound compared to modern pianos offered by Yamaha, providing a unique musical experience. Wendl & Lung focuses on achieving the fullest, warmest, and most enduring sound while refining the typically Viennese ideal of tone. This unique character makes Wendl & Lung pianos appreciated by musicians worldwide who seek not only technical excellence but also emotional depth in sound.

Selected Models of Wendl & Lung Pianos

The Professional I (161) model, measuring 161 cm in length, is ideal for demanding musicians needing a compact-sized instrument without compromising sound quality. Designed for professionals, the Professional I offers exceptionally rich and dynamic sound emanating from its precisely constructed soundboard. Its keyboard ensures smooth and responsive play, making it a favorite among music teachers and advanced students alike.

Professional II (178) is another outstanding model from Wendl & Lung, measuring 178 cm in length. This piano is designed to meet the highest expectations of professional pianists. With its deep, resonant bass and crystalline high tones, the Professional II provides the balance and versatility required for a wide range of musical repertoire. Its construction harmoniously combines traditional craftsmanship methods with modern innovations, making it an ideal choice for concert halls and recording studios.

The Concert I (218), measuring 218 cm in length, is a true gem in the Wendl & Lung crown. This impressive concert grand piano is designed for the most demanding stages and concert halls. With its powerful yet subtly balanced sound, the Concert I can fill any space with exceptional depth and tonal richness. Its exceptional construction allows for unmatched clarity of sound and precise control over dynamics, crucial during solo performances and chamber music.

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