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The price of a piano – how much does a piano cost?

I often refer to cars and compare them to instruments. You can drive a cheaper car for 2,000 euros or a brand new car for half a million euros. It's similar with the music instrument market. New pianos from reputable manufacturers for professionals are an expense of several hundred thousand euros. New pianos can also cost tens of thousand euros. There is also a large number of manufacturers from China that make new pianos. Their price starts from around 3,000 euros.

How much does a piano cost?

Many of us can't afford new instruments. We mainly look for the cheaper instruments, used ones. It's really important for us that our children can practice at home on their piano.
The prices of used pianos, ready to play, start from around 600 euros. The price depends on the condition of the piano, its age, technical condition, manufacturer, these things can make the price higher.

The price of a piano

If you manage to buy a piano for cheaper, maybe it is a great deal. However, you should remember, that just like a car needs to be serviced, the oil has to be changed, has to have a technical check-up, a piano needs a professionals hand too. When buying a used piano, preparing the basic check-ups like tuning, mechanism adjustment and keyboard could add up to several hundred euros.

Grzegorz Rychlik
Author: Grzegorz Rychlik

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