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Used, Samick, CS 108
Height: 108 cm
Country: GermanyCity: Riemerling
Professional seller/ Verified seller
Used, Samick, UP 118
Height: 119 cm
Country: United StatesCity: Pine Brook
Professional seller

Although the home of the piano is Europe, over the years the fame of this instrument has reached most of the world. Thus, in the 21st century, one of the world’s leading manufacturers and sellers of upright and grand pianos is based in the East - in Asia.

The relatively young company Samick Pianos was founded in South Korea in 1958 by Hyo Ick Lee. This brand began its activity by importing American Baldwin pianos. Then, taking up the challenge of developing the company, Hyo Ick Lee started producing his own Samick pianos in a small workshop. At that time, no one expected to export Samick pianos abroad in the next few years. Just over a decade after the first piano was made, the company grew so much that it employed thousands of people, working not only on pianos but also on acoustic and electric guitars. This continuous growth soon led to the opening of new facilities in California (1978), Berlin (1980), and in the 1990s in Indonesia and China. Although the history of the brand developed very promisingly, a series of unfortunate events caused a difficult time for Samick and eventually bankruptcy. One reason was the death of the founder in 1990, another was the neglect of marketing issues, and the devaluation of the Asian currency. The situation of the Korean economy became so difficult that the factory fell into serious debts, from which it was unable to recover, and declared bankruptcy at the beginning of the 21st century. Fortunately, the story does not end here - the potential of the Samick factory was noticed by a Korean businessman and owner of many companies Jong-Sup Kim. In 2002 Samick was bought out by him and within a few years he rose from bankruptcy as a solvent and prosperous brand. Over the years, brands such as William Knabe & Co, Kohler & Campbell (American pianos), and Pramberger and Seiler (European pianos) have been owned by Samick, and Samick Music Corporation. The majority of Samick’s instruments are made in Indonesia, while the so-called "upright pianos" are produced in Korea or in the United States. The best quality instruments include Pramberger, Knabe, and Seiler. Samick also sells pianos to the German factory C. Bechstein.

Some changes in the construction of Samick’s elements were made by the German piano designer Klaus Fenner, who in the 1980s made sure that the instruments were similar in sound to European ones. Among other things, the imperial German scale was introduced, as well as changes in the construction of the resonance bottom.


Samick currently produces the following piano models:

JS-143 - American style 109 cm 43" console
JS-43 - classic basic piano for beginners 110cm 43"
JS-115 - piano intended mainly for practice, for schools 115 cm, 45"
JS-247 or JS-118 - premium concert piano 118cm, 46.5"
JS-121 - a professional piano 121cm, 48"
JS-132 - the highest, professional upright piano with deep sound and long strings 131cm, 52"


Among Samick grand pianos we have mainly small and medium models, we will not find large concert pianos in this collection:

SIG-48: 140cm
SIG-50: 150cm
SIG-54: 160cm
SIG-57: 167cm
SIG-61: 182cm

On the market we can also find 3 models from the NSG series: 158 (5’2"), 175 (5’7"), 186 (6’1").

Both Samick upright and grand pianos appear in a wide range of finishes - from white, through different wood colours, to black or even red instruments. 

Perhaps you would like to know when a used Samick piano was produced or what its serial number is?
The two are related. However, Samick has an intricate serial numbering system that also depends on where the piano was produced. Only the manufacturer or an experienced dealer can provide this information.

Does Samick produce good, valuable and durable instruments?
Samick’s factory produces good quality instruments, suitable for beginner pianists and amateurs, for whom playing the piano is primarily a hobby. They come from mechanized factories, where a little less attention is paid to precise manual work, so much appreciated today. The sound of Samick pianos is a matter of individual taste - it is very bright and round. One can say that Samick is also successful thanks to the right price/value ratio of the instrument. To find out exactly how much Samick pianos are worth, take a look at the offers in the Klaviano search engine, or consult directly with your brand dealer.

Samick has also been producing upright pianos and digital pianos for years, based on European instruments. Currently we can buy new models such as SDP3000, S4, SG-500, SG-120, Samick NEO. These are upright and grand pianos that offer a wide range of sounds, hidden in a graceful, small instrument.

We also mentioned that since 1965 Samick has been manufacturing and successfully selling acoustic and digital guitars, also being a leader in this industry (Greg Bennett, Silvertone). This is an important branch of production, which we didn’t discuss due to the specifics of the portal.

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